midi message to scroll folders and songs.

Does anyone happen to know if its possible to scroll through folders and songs with midi message?
i can go directly to an individual song but i would like to scroll through folders and songs. using pc keyboard to send midi via bome midi translator.
thanks for any input.

I asked the same question on another post. But no response, so far :frowning:

What do you mean by “scroll”? Like the arrow buttons to browse through songs on the pedal? No I don think so. Footswitch will,do next and previous song though.

I guess on PC If you program a full set of Beatbuddy song select MIDI messages into a list of songs then yeah you could sort of scroll through them…depends on the application I guess. I use Bandhelper on an iPad, so I have generated MIDI presets for that app, 1 for each Beatbuddy “song” (beat) so I can scroll through and select whichever I want for my songs in my set list that I add to Bandhelper

Remote foot switch can also move forward and backward through folders.

I got confirmation from support recently about this. You cannot currently scroll songs via midi unfortunatley.

Technically you can scroll the folders, but nothing will happen until you send a Program change command.

It can be done in Quantiloop, so technically it is possible

Yes and no.

Quantiloop is sending a bank select and program change as per spec; this does work. But the OP was talking about scrolling through folders and songs. Technically you can do this if your MIDI application is keep track of the state; which is what Quantiloop is doing (it keeps track of your bank and program, then increments or decrements when you press the button). But there’s no MIDI command to move next and previous - which is what the additional foot controller can be programmed to do (within a folder).

It must be that I misunderstand what the OP is trying to achieve. Quantiloop isn’t aware of the boundaries of each folder or how many folders there are on BeatBuddy, but for me it is easier to select a certain song from its interface than using the footswitch.

If OP wants the same as me, scrolling would mean what the regular foot switches do. You hold them to enter into folder selection mode, then hold again to enter the folder, and press one or the other to go up and down, then you hit the main pedal to select the song.

I raised this to support a week or two back (when I got confirmation that it could not be done via MIDI). I was told they’d pass it on to their development team. In my experience with Singular Sound, they’ve been awesome at implementing new features based on feedback - so fingers crossed that they add it.

Thank you all for your input. sorry for such a long delay. Been busy learning my beatbuddy. lol
It would just be easier for my setup to be able to hit a key on my keyboard to scroll songs and folders.
I do realize it can be done with the footswitch but i would like to free it up for other applications.
I generally don’t scroll songs or folders while actually playing so i don’t need to use my feet for this.
Thanks again for all your replies. Hopefully they will add this function in a future update.

An app on mobile device would be ideal for you then, hooked up via midi to the Beatbuddy. IMHO.
Or put your BB at keyboard level and set up the footswitch to work as main pedal would usually