Midi Note 9 sounds when changing songs

i have a little problem,
when i switch songs from setlistmaker i send midis to the beatbuddy to change songs. Now i have a little pronblem when im switching form a song that uses the drumkit “NP Standard Bass Hammond” and switch to a song that uses “NP Vintage Ludwig 1.1”. Beatbuddy plays maby 0,5 sec. the midi note 9.
This note is only playing when im switching the presets setlistmaker via midi.

Can anybody help?


Try turning off the midi note in on your BB.

Pedal Settings: Midi In > Note On > Disable.

If setlis maker still works properly after that change, you will have fixed the problem. If not, we’ll have to look at something else. Does triggering only happen when you are changing from the Hammond Kit to the Ludwig kit? Does a change from the Hammond kit cause a note to play if you go to some kit other than the Ludwig kit? Or, if you change from another kit to the Ludwig kit, do you still hear the note?

Hello Phil,
i switched form Midi channel omni to channel 1 where i send my messages to the beatbuddy and now its gone.
By the way what does the switch note on effect?

The Note On lets the BB receive midi notes from an external midi controller. If you wanted to use the BB as a drum sound module with a DAW or a Roland drum controller, you could set the BB to Note On > Enable, and the BB would play notes it receives from the external control. The BB will play notes from the drum kit that is active at the time it receives the “note on” information.

If you are just triggering drums in that configuration, “note on” would need to be enabled, and “note off” could be left disabled. If you were playing bass notes in a “with bass” kit, you would also want to have the “Note off” enabled, or the bass would play the full length of the sample and would sound like an echo, or would just sound very dissonant.

Thank you