MIDI notes to different channels on BB

I’m sure I know the answer to this but is there a way to specify MIDI notes to go to either the left or right channel on the BB? With drumsets with bass notes being so popular now it is a nightmare to mix and get a solid sound live when you have the drumset and bass coming into the same channels.

It’d be great to have the bass notes (specify a range of MIDI numbers) to go to the left channel whilst the drumset notes go to the right channel for instance. It’d make life a lot easier when going into the mixer for live shows as each would then be on a separate channel.

I have spent many many hours trying to get the right balance of the bass and drums in my songs and also settings on my mixer (Behringer digital XR-18) so I have it sounding half decent I think. But, if I want to play through someone elses gear (house PA for instance) you’re back to square one and the look on someone’s face when you tell them bass and drums are coming through the same channel! :crazy_face:

There’s some history to this and Phil_Flood (PF) can do a better job of expanding upon it.

PF and another user (Werner?) came up with user-created drum sets that panned the bass guitar to one side and the drums to the other. This was pretty nifty but there was a problem in that the BeatBuddy did not handle the panning and audio routing as expected and this caused problems. Singular Sound has since addressed the problem and all seems better however, PF has updated his kits to center the bass and drums.

Users can probably customize kits to pan to left and right again to provide the separation you’re looking for but it may be one of those “been there—done that” situations.

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Oh wow, thanks for the info. Yeah the only way I thought would be to have all bass note wave files panned left and all drums panned right. I might touch base with @Phil_Flood on this to see what ideas he has. :+1:

There was no midi trick involved with the split kits that I made. When creating samples for the kits, I recorded all bass notes panned full right. Then, I made all the drums panned full left. The samples were recorded on stereo tracks in my DAW, with only one side of the stereo field being used. In some later versions, I panned the drum kits across the stereo field. The BB does recognize the and correctly play the stereo samples when using both the right and left outputs. But, when using the single cable output from the BB only side of the stereo field was audible. The BB was not summing the right and left sides. This is now supposed to be fixed with the 3.9.9 firmware update.

In my design, the idea was to have separate bass and drum outputs so that the mix could be controlled either at a mixer, or with a pair of volume pedals. It worked, but it resulted in a slew of complaints about the kits usually starting with, “I can’t hear any drums.” In the end, I abandoned this practice and went back to kits where everything is center panned.


Ah so panning is the way. I’ll have to look at the kits i’m using and if they can be changed or whether I just put up with it. Thanks Phil.

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I’ve probably kept some of those panned kits if you want to try them. Let me know via message, and I can send you links.

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Would love to take a look. I’ll DM you!