Midi: OnSong to BB - erratic bpm

When I send a midi change from Onsong to BeatBuddy it behaves inconsistent and erratic.
I made a 30 second video that shows the problem. In the video you’ll see me use Onsong to change between a few songs. When I start, BB has changed correctly (the song 17). Then I change to the next song or two and back and then BB changes the tempo from 124 (which is correct) to 300bpm!
Finally, I end the short video by showing the midi command from 17 that I’m sending.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
Here’s the link to the vid:

Follow up: In my video above, switching songs gave me erratic results. In that configuration I had BB hardwired to the iPad using the Apple USB 3 camera kit adapter and a usb to midi cable that was plugged into the BB midi cable. The cable is new. I actually bought 2 (in case one went bad while performing). I tried both - same results. Possible the cables are bad but what are the odds of both?

In my old setup, I used a Bluetooth PUC to go between the iPad and the PUC, then a midi cable from PUC to BB. I just now tried that and it WORKED.

I want to ditch the PUC and go hardwired because I want to start using Quantiloop and I saw elsewhere on the forum that the PUC wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Is there some setting on BB (or Onsong) that I’ve overlooked?

It is unlikely that there is anything wrong with your cables or equipment. It is more likely that the midi clock / commands from the BB are looping around causing a sort of midi feedback. I am not too familiar with connecting via the camera kit on the iPad because I use the iRig Prod Duo but I have seen this behavior when experimenting with quite elaborate midi configs between the BB, FCB1010 and the iPad. What you need to do is carefully follow the midi paths and control them using channels and Thru settings etc… The likely issue is that the midi clock from the BB is going into the iPad and then back out to the BB again causing it to go crazy. So ideally you want the BB to accept midi commands but not the midi clock (I can’t remember if this is configurable on the BB). One point to note also: as far as I can remember the midi clock is not channel specific - or at least I don’t think you can send the midi clock to the BB but get it to ignore it by putting it on another channel.

You might need to do something like capture the midi coming in from the USB connection and prevent it from going back out via the same connection? Can you provide more details of the apps and other devices connected?

In any case, I am 90% certain that the issue is one of midi overload on the BB input and you shouldn’t worry about defective gear.