MIDI out - Accent hits from footswitch not sending midi notes

I have Beatbuddy connected to Ableton Live as a MIDI Master.

Everything seems to work pretty great out of the box. I can control Ableton tempo and start/stop from Beatbuddy, and send the drum track (midi notes) from Beatbuddy to Ableton (into EZDrummer VST). Pausing the drum track with the external footswitch (button 2) also works fine.

Only thing not working is the accent hit from the external footswitch (button 1). I tried checking midi signals with MIDI-OX, and it appears that Beatbuddy is not sending a midi-note when the accent-hit button is pressed. I can hear the accent hit normally from the audio-out of Beatbuddy, but no midi-note is sent as far as I can tell.

Does the midi accent-hit work for you guys? That is, does it send a midi-note as normal? Or is this a missing functionality? Do I have something mis-configured? I’ve got the latest firmware.

I suspect that using the external footswitch does not send midi at all. Rather, the pause command simply pauses any midi notes being sent, and the accent command plays a separate wav-file on the Beatbuddy itself.

Can anyone confirm? In this case I guess this topic should be moved into the Feature Requests section, to add sending of crash midi-note on accent pedal press.

I’m thinking a midi-pedal could be used as a workaround, to send specific midi-commands to control the Beatbuddy. Do you know if the Beatbuddy can simultaneously take in and send midi? That is, can it be controlled with a midi-pedal, while sending midi notes into a separate software? This could be a good option overall, to get use of some of the extended commands like half-time and double-time.

The accent hit triggered by the external two button pedal is the accent wav file coded into the .sng, when there is an accent wav present. The BB will accept an accent midi trigger. The Midi Maestro default BB configuration works that way. In that scenario, a midi note on is sent by the midi device to play a sound contained within the active BB Drumkit.

Hey there to sum what Phil said, the BB is not actually using MIDI note logic to play these Accent hits,

It’s more an extra playback feature where we are recalling samples we/you added on the BeatBuddy that do not functionally have a tie to any MIDI note (edited).

The BB is receiving a command to play a sample outside of the typical MIDI instrument scheme

hey there everything seems to work good thanks for sharing…