Midi Out to Ableton Live 10

Ableton live does not recognize the beat buddy when it is connect via the breakout midi cable to a USB port on my surface book (Windows 10).
On opening the preferences/midi in Ableton, BB does appear in the list of available devices.
I would like to use the BB start command to start scenes in Ableton.
Any suggestions on getting the basic link established would be appreciated.

What USB to MIDI interface are you using? It sounds like that might be the problem. You won’t actually see any reference to BB in Ableton as it’s just a device on the MIDI chain.

The midi interface is a Roland UM one MK 2 cable. I have used it in other situations and it works fine.
The problem I think is I was looking for BB as a device in the midi menu in Ableton.
However UM One is showing up as a device, so I will set that up and see how it goes.
Thanks for the information. Much Appreciated.