Midi Out


I would like to be able to send midi notes out of the beat buddy. In the manager, we should be able to decide if the midi note in the file will trigger a drum sound inside the beat buddy, or be passed to the midi out. Also this should be assignable to any midi channel. this way one could program the midi files with triggers for things like scene changes in ableton or trigger even synth sounds set up further along in the midi chain. Another obvious one is a looper like Pigtronix Infinity which has full midi control.

is this something that is possible?


You want a really professional MIDI integration. This may take some serious time to developing and polishing to make sure it’s top notch before releasing.

Currently firmware and manager software supports only a subset of MIDI commands, you can refer to BeatBuddy manual for the list.

Fortunately, BeatBuddy will only need a firmware update to support new set of MIDI command when they are ready.


This is a request I have as well. I really love the potential here to be able to not only use the great sounds in the BeatBuddy but to also trigger a software drum synth as well (or even my Boss DR-880 that I am used to the sounds).

I realize this may take some time but do hope that this concept is being considered.



This will be possible through the use of custom drumsets. You will need to pull all your "software drum synth"s into separate WAV files, then assemble them into a drumset DRM file using manager software (that is coming soon) and load them to the BeatBuddy.


This is good to know!

Will we be able to have multiple levels of velocity to trigger different sounds?



In an assembled DRM BeatBuddy drumset file? For sure!!!
You will be able to add an unlimited amount of sound samples per MIDI note that will get triggered with different note volume level.
There is, however, a limit on overall size of WAV files used in one drumset - 100Mb.


This is all Great to know! Thanks for the information!