Midi outlet from BeatBuddy to Android tablet

I have SetList Maker app on my Android tablet and would like to sync with my Beat Buddy using a Bluetooth hardware - does anyone have any suggestions ? Use of Jamstik hardware is incompatible, so they tell me…

Here’s what I use with iPad and Setlist Maker

Mnay thanks, LeeMo, but I’m on an Android tablet …having trouble finding an Andoid compatible link between my BeatBuddy and the tablet … :-((

As you’ve probably read from the Puc+ FAQ: “Android platform compatibility is driven by Android hardware and Android’s software prioritization of audio and MIDI. Currently, Android devices aren’t performing to the standards musical applications require, so in brief the puc+ isn’t currently Android compatible. That being said, the puc+ doesn’t distinguish what device it is wirelessly connected to - so when Android adds MIDI and improves audio handling to their OS - the puc+ is ready to play.”

However, Android 6.0 may be midi GM 1 compatible with the use of Java. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/36193250/android-6-0-marshmallow-how-to-play-midi-notes

Many thanks for your time - I’ll just have to take the plunge and see if it works!! Sound like it should …! Cheers!

Good luck and let us know as I’m sure you’re not the only Android user interested in this subject.

Hi agin Persist!
This is what the PUC support says :

Mo (Zivix Support)

Jan 18, 2:35 PM CST

Hi again, Bill!

The problem with Android’s puc+ support isn’t Bluetooth (4.0)…it’s Bluetooth MIDI, which has an entirely different set of requirements, parameters, and a different connection protocol. Simply “pairing” a puc+ with any device in the default fashion won’t work - you’ll get a few seconds of connectivity and finally, when the write commands aren’t recognized, it will time out (I’ve actually tried pretty extensively to find a way to “hack” this).

So that settles it, I’ll just have to wait until there’s a solution out there!
Or buy Apple …:-(( only joking, I’ll wait!

Bummer, Bill. You could do worse than going the Apple route :smiley:

Haha! Too right!! I’ll look into something attached by wire (fly-by-wire!) in the meantime! Thanks!

I have a Galaxy II Tablet and use Set List Helper. Did you ever figure out how to sync BB up to this to use Bluetooth?

It seems that your model supports MIDI: http://www.mikrosonic.com/rd4-midi-android

Thank you Persist. I haven’t looked into it but think it may be a good idea. I have my setlists arranged in my BB to coincide with my Set List helper and usually just “swipe” the screen for the next song on my tablet. I’m thinking that “syncing” will be much easier.

HI Filler,
I would like to do the same… any wired connection between galaxy Note and BB you can recommend it works?