Midi over Bluetooth

I gather from previous posts that midi over Bluetooth has not been implemented on the MM. Is this correct?

Would be a nice feature turning the MM into a Bluetooth MIDI interface/adaptor for anything connected into its physical midi input…

Hey there,

It has been implemented to send MIDI over Bluetooth if using the app on Android. Every button can send up to 4 BLE commands per toggle state.

This is something we hope to have working on iOS soon! Stay tuned.


So will you also be able to send midi commands from iOS apps like OnSong, Set list maker, etc. to the MM and Aeros like is now possible to do with BB?

Thank you Brennan for your response. I had noticed the BLE feature on the Android app. Will spend more time with it to test it.

But is the midi data coming into the physical midi in port also merged to the BLE out as it is with the physical midi out port? From my testing it does not seem to.

Sorry for any misunderstanding, no this is not possible, the MM can send BLE but cannot receive them.

No this is not something it does, BLE commands must be generated by the MM

Thank you Brennan. That is quite clear.

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You’re welcome!