Midi Problem

Hi all,

Loving the BB, but experiencing a bit of frustration. I’m wanting to use drums I have programmed in Logic. So, I exported to midi and then imported into a new song in the BB. The problem is the midi files I import only seem to produce sounds when I have it in the fill section and not in the main (drum loop) section. I’m confident that the drums are mapped to the correct midi notes and thats supported by the fact that it plays in the fill section. Am I missing something? The only thing that I can think of is the imported files have to be a certain length? Oh and there are definitely less than 500 midi notes in these files…

Very grateful for any assistance.

If you’re using BBM version newer than, the 500 notes should not matter. If you haven’t already, install or 1.6.5.

Please zip and post the MIDI file and song you’re having trouble with to this thread so we can take a look at it.

In Logic, did your midi file start a measure 1, Beat 1, or were you exporting the file from some later point in the song? If it was not at measure 1, Beat 1, Logic/BB Manager adds dead space to the beginning of the Beat, and it will sound like nothing is there.

Thanks for the responses. But, I think I just worked it out. It looks like when I was saving the midi files, it was saving extra space at the beginning of the file for some reason. :P. I’ve managed to delete it I think, so we’ll see how I go. Cheers