MIDI receiver: Control using Start/Stop messages

Apologies if this has been mentioned already, but I didn’t find it in a brief search.

I’d like to be able to use the Aeros in MIDI receiver mode and control playback using Start and Stop messages (bytes FA and FC, respectively) rather than CC43. The hardware I have isn’t configurable enough to send the necessary CC values on start/stop. But since there are already standardized messages for the purpose, it seems reasonable to support those in addition to CC43. Maybe as an option if that would break compatibility.

It might be possible to translate these messages using something like MIDI Solutions Event Processor, but at this point buying that is probably a last resort.

Pages 70 and 127 of the manual seem to imply that you can do this already.

Sure enough. I even looked right at that page, but somehow didn’t comprehend it. It does work, exactly as I was hoping.


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Awesome, great you resolved, yes we just use the non-hexadecimal format for command names, you probably were talking about MIDI real-time start and stop, otherwise the Aeros also can start and stop using the appropriate Start and Stop CC commands (CC:43 value 1 Start, CC:43 value 0 Stop)

Thanks for the question!

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