MIDI Settings PDF for latest firmware?

I have the MIDI settings for firmware 1.77, however as we know BB has moved on a way from 1.77, so does anyone know of a MIDI Settings PDF for the latest firmware (2.0.4)?

Disappointed that the link to the MIDI commands guide 404s out.

thanks - does that mean it’s not available? I mean, I can use the 1.77 but there are (iirc) several substantial changes from .77 to 2.0.4 wasn’t there?

I’ll post a list of some of the changes when I come back across it. As far as the MIDI commands, I can’t remember if there was anything substantial. It’s been a series of bug fixes and tweaks to address how the pedal processed note offs to improve the audio quality (of bass notes).

This is about all I could find.

The manual is up to date, we haven’t added any new commands since 1.77. It says 1.77 because that’s when that guide was composed. All download links should be working now, but just in case, I attached the MIDI manual to this message.

thanks guys, much appreciated!

Does anyone know how to get the time signature from midi out? I’ve not been able to see it in the clock messages etc.