Midi signal chain

i have the following midi signal chain:

  • Ipad (sends all the midi commands)
  • Beatbuddy (chanel 5 in / channel 6 out / midi merge)
  • Ditto looper (channel 4 adress is not changeable)
  • midi2dmx box (channel 16)
  • TC-Helicon Voicelive Play GTX (channel 6)

The configuration above is working fine but i cannot understand why all devices
behind beatbuddy gets their signal on their channel because beatbuddys signal
out is only on channel 6

Can anybody help?


nobody here who can help me?

This is what I think is happening. The iPad sends out midi on several channels. When those signals reach the Beat Buddy, all signals that are not on channel 5 are ignored and are allowed to bypass the Beat Buddy onto the next device. Signals on channel 5 are processed by the Beat Buddy and are combined with any signals created by the Beat Buddy and are added to the midi stream and sent along on Channel 6. That is, I do not believe the Beat Buddy midi merge filters all midi messages and then send them out on channel 6. If the BB were set on Omni in, it might respond that way. But, with the BB on channel 5, the messages on 1-4, and 6 though 16 pass along to other devices. However, I am not certain about what happens with channel 6 incoming messages.

Oh, and when you something at a time that equates to midnight in the US, you shouldn’t expect an answer by 9 AM US time. Most musicians are still asleep!

sorry i always forget it. I live in Germany and there ar some hours inbetween!

The BB’s MIDI out on channel 6 gets merged with the MIDI thru.

it doesnt matter which outgoing channel i use the midi signal always go thru so i ask myself why can i setup different channels?

you can choose any channel you like - what ever you send from the BB get merged with the MIDI in - and goes out via MIDI out/thru

okay thank you all to make it clear for me

MIDI is a very simple protocol, designed in early 80…
I know if you are not familiar with MIDI it can be confusing, but it sounds as though you are connected up correctly

i think so, too. But i try to understand what im doing