Midi Solution Event Processor Plus config help

I recently bought one Roland FC-300 midi controller to operate my Eventide, I knew that Roland is limited with the midi parameters but I loved those two expression pedal side by side, plus I got a deal,
so to overcome that I bought Midi Solution event processor plus, but I am having a hard time programming, I have seen the Midi Processor Plus mentioned here on this forum, so I am asking if anyone can give me some advice on the programming codes on the plus, what I am craving is for volume and tempo control with expression pedal for the beat buddy, and go from there, I don’t have a problem configuring the FC-300, but to link the codes inside the event processor is painful, any help are welcome :grinning:

I don’t own a FC300 or Event Processor but it looks like from the FC300 manual (page 22)

you need to convert the following (depending on which pedal you’re using)

Expression Pedal CC# Range
EXP PEDAL 1 7 0–127
EXP PEDAL 2 1 0–127

to one of the BB’s tempo commands

CC Number Value Action Firmware version added
CC-80 [1-127] Tempo Increment (NewTmpo = Tempo + value) 2.7.0
CC-81 [1-127] Tempo Decrement (NewTmpo = Tempo - value) 2.7.0
CC-106 [0-127] Tempo MSB 1.8.5
CC-107 [0-127] Tempo LSB 1.8.5
CC-117 [1-127] Enters Tap Tempo mode and generate Tap Event 1.8.5

(maybe also)

CC Number Value Action Firmware version added
CC-96 [1-127] Data increment (+1) – INC 1.8.5
CC-97 [1-127] Data decrement (-1) – DEC 1.8.5

Bear in mind that the BB temp range is 40-300 bpm.

Do you think the event processor could do any of those conversions?

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I used to own a few of these. What are you programming it with?

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For help with the EPP, contact the owner, John Fast, at the MIDI Solutions web site. I have and EPP, and he was incredibly helpful and responsive in helping me get it all up and running.

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thank you all so far , yes I called John before , but my first issue was that the software for the Event Processor Plus (EPP) does not run on Mac Catalina , so I was able to get windows on my MacBook by using bootcamp, so when I saw the software , is what is different, I am studying and getting more familiar with the software and its operation , it have some language that I have not seen on midi before , I think is geared towards piano midi , and operation of synthesizers, any way , I want to do a little more research , if I can’t figure out I am calling him again

What are you trying to do? Free-flowing tempo may not be possible, because I’m not sure the EPP supports an open-port continuous controller – but I could be wrong…

Know what? I take that back. Without the software running on my PC (it’s on my other laptop, so I’m working from memlory and guessing a bit here), logically, I would think you could tell the EPP that…

  • Set Baseline value for EXP-1 to 127
  • When you hear EXP and value < baseline, decrease tempo by 1
  • When you hear EXP and value > baseline, increase tempo by 1

Now, this will have a weird effect that when you touch the expression pedal, it will not immediately change the tempo in the way you want it to if you don’t set the tempo initially using the pedal, because, if the pedal is at 0 (rest) when you step on it, it will pass through 126 values (to the halfway point of its travel) before it reaches your baseline, decreasing tempo the whole way until you exceed the baseline value.

I’d have to really think about this to figure out better logic, but that should actually work.

Tell me more about what you’re hoping to do – give me a few situations – and I’ll see if I can suss out the logic for you. I’ll need to know what you’re controlling, what you want it to do, what each device is plugged into, and what channels they’re running on.