MIDI Song Select Output from BB

Hi, I use my BeatBuddy with a Pigtronix Infinity looper, and they play real nice together! However there’s one big frustration. I use the BB external footswitches to increment/decrement songs when playing live. However the BB does not send MIDI song select messages, so the looper doesn’t increment/decrement it’s song selection at the same time. This means I have to bend down and manually select the next song on the looper, which completely negates the benefit of the foot-switch song selection on the BB (If I’m manually setting one, I might as well manually select both). Please can the BB firmware be enhanced slightly, to output song select messages when the song is incremented/decremented (when in MIDI out mode)?
thanks a lot, both for listening and for producing such an amazing product!!

This will be coming soon, not in the next update but likely the one after! Already in planning :slight_smile: