Midi song select

My BB is connected to an IPad using Setlist Maker. On using the “MIDI LEARN” function within SLM I selected Blues 1 and got the following code on SLM as a midi preset.
F0 7F 7F
03 02 04
04 02 18
08 F7

I don’t know what this means but hoping for the best I set up SLM in perform mode and selected the song as if on a gig. BB started and adjusted to the correct tempo but remained on Brushes 1 failing to select Blues 1. Any advice on how to correct this? I need BB to start on a foot press rather than a midi message and select the correct patch. I’m thrilled that I got the beat correct though.

I corrected the auto start problem in BB settings. The Ipad is setting the tempo for the BB and BB sends beat clock to the VL3 so I can use the looper. All this is done when a song is selected in Setlist maker. All I do is turn the page and tempo is correct on all three devices. Now if I could select song data as well life would be good.

Also, the data in the above post was transmitted when the song was selected with the footswitch. Not with the BB pedal. If I wanted Blues 2 I would scroll to blues 1 and then engage Midi Learn on the IPad. Footswitch into Blues 2 and the data would appear as a midi preset.

this might help you out: http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/looking-for-documentation-for-the-midi-implementation.5403/#post-20667

Thanks, I’ve saved this pdf for future reference. My list of BB songs has only 26 songs so I may be able to just scroll during a gig. I set up the folder and have the card showing the 26 alphabetically.

I’m too excited. It works. I got Setlist maker to control BeatBuddy song select. During a gig I simply turn the page to a new song and Setlist maker sends a midi message to BB and the BB song changes to the correct one. The BB then relays beat clock message to the Voicelive 3 so I can use the looper. The beat clock has worked all along so no change was necessary. One swipe across the Ipad screen and all devices shift and are ready to go. Whoever put this in the forum I thank you. I remember seeing it but can’t remember who to thank.

For the Song “Master Jack” I use the Beat Buddy song Pop 7, This is found on the SD card in folder 15 (Pop) and is the 4th song in that folder. Remember to count zero as 1 making 15 the 14th place holder in the number line. For 15 and 4, use 14 and 3.

In Setlist maker type this into the raw data pane for midi preset. I used copy and paste for my entire song list.
B0 00 00
B0 20 00
C0 00

For “Master Jack” modify as follows adding the 14 and 3 for the folder and song. Title this preset as Pop 7 or use the song title.

B0 00 00
B0 20 14
C0 03

Tap save and go to the song in SLM. In the song page tap “+ midi preset”. Select Pop 7. Now whenever Master Jack comes up in a show screen the midi message is sent to Beat Buddy along with the beat clock.

Here’s Oldies 2
B0 00 00
B0 20 13
C0 01

I’ve tested this several times successfully but not across the full spectrum. Bugs may have been placed by midi gremlins and are lurking. Like I said earlier I don’t know how this works and I don’t really care. I’m just thrilled to be able to use it.

Yes I couldn’t get it to work at all with an Android tablet had to download Bluetooth MIDI connect now it will connect to BeatBuddy … in setlist maker I can see midi running connected ports and now I’m able to change songs with different tempos … But I still can’t get the song select to work