Midi song start sequence: 4.x vs 5.x

Prior to firmware 5.x I used a midi controller to start songs with a single button press.
The single button press would send two midi CC commands in rapid succession:
CC113 value 101 (start the song on ‘intro’ part 1)
CC113 value 102 (at the end of part 1, transition to ‘loop’ part 2)

Currently with firmware 5.1.1, I find that when I RAPIDLY send those values (CC113 value 101, CC113 value 102) the unit briefly starts playing part 1 and then IMMEDIATELY transitions to part 2. If I send those same two commands slowly (more than a second between commands) the Aeros plays until the end of part one before transitioning, as it did with firmware 4.x.

If this new behavior is intended, what is the minimum time between commands that will allow the transition at the end of the first part? It seems to be more than one second, but I can’t tell how much more.

That said, I would rather the unit behave the same way whether the commands are issued quickly or slowly. I would rather send 5 commands rapidly and have the unit perform them all in the order given, predictably.
I want to tell the Aeros to “GO” and then focus on playing guitar.
I don’t want to play the Aeros.


Hey there,

Please let me know if using on beta 5.2.0 fixes this for you,


I finally installed 5.2 and ran one test and it did start and transition perfectly as expected. One shot parts are also fantastic. Thank you!

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