Midi Start not working with Boomerang III

Hi everybody, I’ve had my Beat Buddy for a while, and have decided to start scratching the features beyond the surface. I’ve connected my Beat Buddy to my Boomerang III and the quantizing the loops of the Boomerang is working and I’m getting the visual indication that the III is sensing the presence of MIDI clock by the blinking of the Sync Play Style light, but I’m not getting the Boomerand to react to the Midi Start or Stop from the BB.

In the Beat Buddy’s setup, I’ve tried both the Intro and the Main Beat for the start, but with no difference.

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting this to work?


Im comming from Pigtronix Infinity and theres ability to ignore Midi start/stop... Dont know the Boomerang, but its worth to check it... I dont think there`s away to change behavior on BB.:frowning:

Deaf is a Boomerang user and once he comes up for a breath of air, he may be able to help you.

You need to record at least one loop into Boomerang, and then this and any other loops will stop and start from BB.