MIDI Start without the Intro?

Hi, Beat Buddiers

Does anyone know if there is a MIDI CC command that starts the BB on the main beat and by-pass the Intro?
I have an AirTurn Stomp6 pedal that I can configure switch to trigger MIDI commands using the OnSong app on my iPad. Very cool. I am currently using one of the six switches to initiate a OP Stop command. Works great. It would very cool if I could initiate an OP Start command that by-passed Intro if I want.

Its a Main Pedal setting, not a MIDI CC. Main Pedal>Intro>None. The MIDI Manual seems to be offline right now, so I can’t check there to see if there is a code.

Alrighty. I got a copy of the manual now. Thank you, Persist. CC-113 allows a start on a transition, and then a jump to Part 1 on exit. If you had a blank transition, you could, therefore, program a song to start on it, and jump to main loop 1, bypassing the intro.

Cool! Thanks, Phil. I thought about this but thought the transition method might cause a slight delay.

I also like the idea of disabling Intros globally. Some intros are straight forward and easily to follow; others can be a bit wonky.