Midi Sync and Effects

Hi All. Is anyone currently midi syncing effects pedals with the BB clock? I’m trying to do this with a Roland GR55 which works technically, but the problem I have is that once you increase the tempo, the effects (eg tremolo or chorus) modulate too quickly. There doesn’t look to be a way to apply a setting on the GR55 to say, change the tremolo wave to cycle half as quickly as the midi clock. Is this a general midi issue?

I’m not sure of the terminology, hopefully somebody understands what I mean.

Thanks in advance

I understand what you are talking about, maybe you can change the frequency of the tremolo with you footpedal? I have another question about the GR 55 , do you use the loop pedal with the BB? and does it folow the change in beat?

Good thinking. I will try that tempo change with the expression pedal but thinking about it it may sync tempo to the bb.

I’ve not tried the looper with midi yet, I’m not a particularly adept looper user. I’ll try and get back to you. Are you a prospective BB buyer or gr55 buyer?

I have a GR55 and a BB but at the moment I only use the BB with my X2Jam looper