MIDI sync and pause function - BB w/ Infinity

Well, I would like to hear how you feel BeatBuddy should behave when it comes to MIDI then.

Should some MIDI events be sent faster, or something? Are you sure this will solve the issue?

BB support for midi realtime, meta, program change, control change input/output and notes events on out would be my preference in a future firmware update which seems already in progress :slight_smile:

I’m not a midi programming expert but tested a bit and found BB sending time code continually started or stopped as expected and only sending start/stop events to the directly connected to a Mac with MidiMonitor. Tweaked tempo, pattern switch to different time signature etc. nothing but start/stop so it is as the currently midi support is stated. Also looked at in Ableton, when Ext synched to BB the BPM adjusts as expected but Ableton doesn’t change the time signature when BB selects and starts a waltz with 3/4 signature. For timing of when to send it looks like Infinity requires it prior to the downbeat of the pending measure hopefully, standard for that midi implementation and not Infinity specific.

I haven’t had the issue as until BB midi is more able to control things I’m using it with Infinity to record loops for verse/chorus to play over on the fly rather than trying to launch Infinity loops. For that it is so much better when synched to BB for clock that I’d never run a standalone looper and pray that I got the timing on the measure right again. All loopers stink as backing track players, getting a fully integrated wav player for BB that follows its changes and song selections etc. would be the bomb. Even if one player need for each virtual instrument wave loops so that separate outputs could go to the mixer, hint, hint…

Ideally two things need to happen:

(1) Pigtronix needs to upgrade their firmware to have an option for it to respond to to “Start” commands immediately instead of waiting until the next measure. Assuming latency is low with the Beat Buddy, hopefully that syncing will be good enough.

I don’t really see any solution from the Beat Buddy side, except for if you could set the BB to have a slight delay in its primary action so that the MIDI signal gets “out” first and the Pigtronix acts on it in sync with the BB. (Example: you click to restart a pause, and the MIDI Start command is sent out 20 ms before the BB actually starts, maybe the BB and Infinity would start together?) But this seems like a kludge with a lot of problems.

(2) It would be great if the Beat Buddy could add programmable MIDI commands to its various actions. For example, there are MIDI CC codes that will trigger the Infinity footswitch; you could have it be programmable so that the Beat Buddy sends out a the MIDI CC for one of the footswitches whenever it transitions to different parts of a song. For example, in a two-part song, during the transition to Part 2 it sends the MIDI CC that will trigger Footswitch 2 on the Infinity; transitioning back to Part 1 sends the MIDI CC for Footswitch 1.

You would also need this to be channel selectable.

Very nice in-depth suggestions, I think this can be done eventually. I bookmarked your post to recall to it when MIDI stuff is under rework.

As far as your suggestion about some MIDI events to be sent some time before they apply, this could work in theory.

by DavidPackouz » Wed Nov 05, 2014 12:16 am

If the Boomerang III works fine, then it must be an Infinity issue. We’re sending a unit to Pigtronix so they can look into this.

Did they get BB to test it? And what do they say???

I just sent Pigtronix an e-mail this weekend, we’ll see what happens. I assume the interaction with the Beat Buddy people will be more productive, but you never know.

Looks like I might need to upgrade my Rang to Pigtronix then :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how much I’m supposed to say, but I can confirm, in the most direct ways possible, that Pigtronix is working to fix this issue and even add some functionality.

Hi Adam,

I’m interested in owning a BB with a looper and potentially Infinity one.

I’m was reading this thread, and I browsed to pigtronix blog to check if firmware was published to fix your issue.
Does the firmware updated that outted on 16 december 2014 solve your issue ?
“Infinity 2.0 Release Candidate 2: Build 152”
This midi issue is the only one shadow on my way to buy the couple BB + Infinity Looper.
Thanks for your feedback and really appreciated videos.

Kind regards,


Big shout out to the BB and Pigtronix teams working together to resolve some product compatibility issues. The “Infinity 2.0 Release Candidate 2: Build 152” firmware has resolved some of the annoying MIDI timing issues and the BB and Infinity looper are now playing together literally perfectly.

I agree!
Just got the 152 build on my Infinity and timing all around seems much better, not just the fix for the delayed start!!
Nice job

Nice, thanks for feedback !