Midi sync (and possible fix)

I’ve been playing a lot with loopy HD on my iPad and found that over time the sync would drift between beat buddy and loopy. Loopy is set as the clock source and, after a few minutes, the Beat buddy would start lagging behind. To get them back in sync, I’d need to stop, then play again - however the drift would still reoccur.

I seem to have stumbled on a fix by changing the Beat buddy settings under Main Pedal > MIDI Messages > Beat Buddy from MIDI-OUT to MIDI-THRU.

I’ve done quite a bit of testing on this and I can no longer make it go out of sync. I’ve had loops play for a really long time, paused the drums, did fills, everything really and it all syncs perfectly.

Can anyone confirm this or test it out?

really… i have been having a lot to sync issues… having been trying to sync to my timeline… but timeline is not getting clock message…just updated my firmware because apparently BB was also sending midi notes on same channels with earlier firmware version …but still after update no luck… maybe I’ll try this midi thru thing… although it should not be this way…