Midi Sync - Beat Buddy, Infinity Looper, Adrenalinn III

I would like to be able to sync the Beat Buddy with an Infinity Looper and an Adrenalinn III. I am open to using either the Beat Buddy or the Adrenalinn III as the master. I know I will likely need a midi splitter and/or a midi merger. The Adrenalinn III has its midi in and out ports connected to an FCB 1010 footboard controller. I don’t want the Beat Buddy to trigger any notes in the Adrenalinn III. The midi tempo is needed to sync Adrenalinn III beat based effects. And, I don’t need to be recording any of the drums from the Beat Buddy into the Infinity, again, I just need the Infinity synced to the Beat Buddy’s beat. I also do not want the Adrenalinn III to trigger notes in the Beat Buddy. All suggestions are welcome.I just got the Beat Buddy and I am wanting to integrate it into my very complicated pedal board.

You would need to set BB as master (via the settings menu on your unit) and the other two as slaves. Whichever of the two devices you sync it to first, make sure that device’s MIDI settings are set to THRU so it can pass on the MIDI signals to the third device. If there’s any issue with that, use a MIDI signal splitter.

Also, I am assuming that you have it, but just in case you don’t, you’ll need our MIDI breakout cable as well: http://mybeatbuddy.com/product/midi-sync-cable/

Committing to using the Beat Buddy as the Master really defined the rest of the rig. I has thought I might be able to use the Adrenalin as the master and get by with one less component, but that arrangement was not very effective. What I now have is the Beat Buddy as the master, the midi out cable get connected to a midi splitter. One cable form the splitter goes to the Infinity - it only support midi in, and has only one midi port. The other cable coming out of the splitter goes to a midi merge box. The midi merge accepts a second “in” cable from the FCB1010 footboard midi out , and then its out cable goes to the Adrenalinn in. The Adrenalinn out goes to the FCB1010 in. Several settings needed to be configured in the Beat Buddy to make it fit my desires. I have set to send midi start after the intro. I have pause mute disabled. I have the external BB footswitch set up for tap tempo, and the BB tempo disabled. The Infinity needed to be configured through the editor software, and the ignore incoming midi notes needed to be activated. The Adrenalinn iii setting were midi sync set to in, tempo set to sys, and drumbeat changes with preset, although that is rather a moot issue since the BB will likely supply all the drumbeats. It all seems to sync well together, but on some presets the A3 does not seem to deactivate shen the preset should no longer be active. I still pulsing notes from some of the presets when drums are no longer active. Its a little odd, bu nothing that I can’t work around. Thanks for the help.

Hi, I´m conecting my Beat buddy pedal to a infinity looper and the infinity is recognize the tempo fine but when i´m stop the Beat Buddy the looper is still carry on, i think is something i have to change with my beat buddy. If is in my infinity looper dos you know what i have to change ?