Midi Sync Beat Buddy (slave) to Boss RC 50 Looper - Tempo missmatch

Hi all you out there in the BeatBuddy-World.
It’s my first message here, writing from Germany in my clumsy english… Anyway…
I’am just trying to sync the Beatbuddy with my Boss RC-50 Looper I bought secondhand on ebay just now.
The BeatBuddy is Slave (in), the looper Master (out).
Despite the fact, that the Beatbuddy Midi Manual does not refer to the menue-system on my BeatBuddy (newest firmware just installed) there is a tempo-sync problem, I can not solve up to now:
The BeatBuddy takes the tap-tempo from the looper as is indicated on the display correctly.
If I start recording with the looper everthing is fine. The BeatBuddy walks correctly with the idicated temp, Beat 1 = Beat 1.
When I stop the recorded looper phrase and let it play, the tempo nearly doubles and is anything but sync.It changes on the looper tap-indicator as well as on the Beatbuddy screen.
I’ve done my best with the BeatBuddy and Lopper-Midi-Settings, but I can’t solve the problem.
Perhaps anyone out there can help? Has solved a similar problem?
I’am thankful for every answer I can get.
Wolfgang from Germany

This sounds like a problem with your looper and the BB follows along. The tempo changes on the looper, and the BB follows. Have you contacted Boss tech support to see what they have to say on the matter? I think that would be the solution in this case.

Welcome, Gottfried. You have a nice looper that works very well as a standalone device however, things become more complex when you try to get it to work with other midi pedals. Forum users have had varying degrees of success and frustration with the Boss RC-50. You can search the forum for comments on “Boss RC50” and see what they have to say. http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?threads/beat-buddy-loopers-midi-sync.82/page-8#post-15622 see post 157. The key takeaway is that the midi will work reasonably well with the Boss as master.

There are many reviews from non-forum users that also reflect that the Boss RC-50 is not very midi-friendly. http://www.zzounds.com/productreview–BOSRC50

If you figure out how to make it work well with the BeatBuddy, please share with the forum what you did to get it to work well.