MIDI Sync Cable Works Loose

Anyone had problems with the midi sync cable working itself loose? ie disconnecting? I have our BB on a pedaltrain board alongside the footswitch and a volume pedal. But the slightest nudge of the midi cable causes the loose connection to break. It’s all recoverable by bending down, giving it a wiggle then choosing an adjacent song, then re-selecting the target song. Message get through, song selects. But cumbersome nd not very professional looking from our side of the stage. Anyone got any super fixes for securing that little plug?

Have not seen this one before. You might want to contact Support and see if the cable and/or the pedal are covered under warranty; as an interim fix (I know, I know—it’s kind of cheesy but) you can wrap a rubber band around the outside of the plug that goes into the pedal to try and snug it up while you get an answer from Singular Sound :wink:

Thankyou @persist, appreciate your suggestion. Will try this out. I’ve just received a second BB pedal for our band to use as a back up - we are now fully dependent on the BeatBuddy as part of our line up, so I’ll open up the new box and compare.

Hi Fraser you know the little rubber feet that are on most fx pedals? Well to mount your pedals on a pedal train via the velcro method,you probably had to remove these feet so what i did was super glue 2 of them together and super glue it underneath but just touching the midi cable connector.Seems to support it quite well.

@niloc I like your thinking! Yes, I keep all the rubber feet/pads that I remove. I’ll try this.

Have the exact same issue here. The midi-cable seem very loose. Did you have any luck with the rubber band or superglue solutions?

Are you seating the MIDI cable all the way in? I just tried mine and the shoulder of the plug leaves about a 1/16" gap to the body and is pretty snug in the socket. It does take a bit of a push to seat it fully.[ATTACH=full]6996[/ATTACH]

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Hmmmm… that could be it… I just tried to use some more force on it, and it actually seems to be sticking more firmly now. Guess I´ve been afraid of pushing it to hard in case I might break something. Seriously hope the solution was as easy as that. Will give it a go, and let you know. Thnx for tip.