MIDI Sync not working

Hi, things were working fine for me, but suddenly my Aeros looper no longer will display MIDI Sync “On.” When I start and stop the transport in my DAW (Ableton 11), it starts and stops the Aeros, so it is getting these messages. Sometimes, it seems like there is a brief flicker to “on” but it is barely perceptible. When I change the tempo, it seems to occasionally catch the new tempo, but mostly not. But it keeps on saying MIDI Sync “Off” and doesn’t track tempo changes reliably as before. I’ve tried going back to Ableton 10, restarting the Aeros, creating a new song in Aeros and none of these are making a difference. It’s driving me crazy! Any thoughts?

I tried to connect the MIDI out on my Elektron Digitakt to the Aeros and it works as it should. I can keep it this way as a work around, as the Elektron, which is connected to the DAW via USB, updates it’s tempo based on the DAW and then transmits this to the Aeros (connected via the 5 pin MIDI out). I just don’t know why the DAW (Ableton 11 on iMac connected to iConnect MIDI4+ via USB) -> Aeros (via the DIN out on my iConnect MIDI4+) isn’t working as it should (given that it used to work just fine). It starts and stops the Aeros, but there is no MIDI Sync (as above)

I get a similar issue when I clear a song and edit it’s settings. Who knows; might be related.

Hello, I have the same problem with a MIDI USB cable sync to Ableton 9, 10 or 11 despite of the fact that Track/Sync/Telec are on in ableton’s preferencies…

Hey there,

I know using MIDI to USB is not very good for a streamline experience, as MIDI to USB is unreliable with MIDI clock, you may want to consider a better MIDI connection to your DAW by using an audio interface/MIDI interface.