Midi Sync Off - BeatBuddy to Aeros

Hi All,
I have a typical setup, BeatBuddy driving Aeros via the MIDI breakout cable.
All of the devices have latest firmware (Aeros: 4.1.5, BB: 4.0.1) I checked the breakout cable physical connections, I reset the settings on both devices.
Still, the Aeros will not sync to BeatBuddy.

If I put a MidiMaestro before the BeatBuddy, having Midi Merge set, the MidiMastro should be able to control the Aeros (in Aeros Mode) This is also not happening.
It looks as the BeatBuddy does not send any MIDI out.

Doing some non-repeatable reset-power-off-power-off-cable-unplug-plug loops on all the devices I managed to make them work.
Then I plugged a BOSS FS-6 Dual Footswitch into the BB (this worked perfectly before).
The footswitch does work with the BB, but the Midi Sync turned off again.

And this time any combo of reset-power-down-power-up loop does not seem to help.

Is this some kind of electronic bug or is it firmware? Does anybody have a clue how to make the BeatBuddy send MIDI out again?

Extra info: if I connect the MidiMaestro directly to Aeros, the MidiMaestro can control the Aeros. MidiMaestro also controls BB, but it seems any all the MIDI signals are stopped at BeatBuddy, nothing gets out.

Thank you.

Did you check the midi out setting on the BB
Must be on Always sync and midi merge

Thank you for your suggestion!
Yes, these are the settings:
Main Pedal → MIDI Settings → MIDI OUT → Output Type is on MIDI-MERGE
Main Pedal → MIDI Settings → MIDI OUT → Sync is on Always On

Unfortunately same non-syncing behavior.

Are you correctly connected?
Beatbuddy midi out (not the midi In ) to midi in of the Aeros

At this point I concluded that the breakout cable is broken (slight pun intended).
See the above video: BeatBuddy MIDI breakout cable - YouTube
Based on this behavior I think it has an issue close to the 6 pin connector

oh yeah !
You need to buy a new one