MIDI sync question with a loop station (Boss RC-300)

Hey all!
New here to Beat Buddy, and trying to use it to play out live with my loop station. I have some midi sync questions please. I have the Beat Buddy on a pedal board with the BB foot switch, a Boss Super Octave OC-3 pedal and the Boss RC-300 loop station.
The BB has it’s own channel plugged directly into my PA, nothing plugged into the BB. I have the MIDI cable from the BB into the MIDI ports on the Boss RC-300 loop station.
(I plug my guitar into the Boss Super Active pedal, and that pedal into the RC-300)

I synced the BB with the loop station, I can see the arrows on the BB next to the tempo showing that. I have to adjust the tempo from the loop station to change tempo.
Here’s where it starts getting funky.

Whenever I press the loop pedals on the RC-300, it changes the tempo on the BB.
When I go to a song that has a default tempo on the BB, it doesn’t change to that tempo, I have to adjust the tempo from the RC-300 every time. (it does go to the default tempo when not plugged into the RC-300)
I disabled the “Stop” in the BB midi settings so that the BB doesn’t stop playing when I stop the RC-300 loop from playing, not sure if that has anything to do with anything, but trying to let you know what I did here.
Also, when I play a recorded loop again with the BB, (after a pause) it doesn’t “Sync”, I have to hit it exactly right to have them play well together. Maybe I can’t stop the BB once it starts if I want it to sync well??

So, I am trying to sync the RC-300 to follow the BB, not the other way around, and to follow it in perfect sync. Does this make sense?

So I hope I am explaining what I am trying to do here, can anyone help please?

-Fred S

OK, I found the answer! You need to have the rhythm running on the RC-300 (volume 0) for it to sync and it will work perfectly.