Midi sync when using foot switch to change songs

I found out the following behaviour on my beatbuddy, which can be repoduced:
[]I use original BeatBuddy foot switch and configured left and right switch to “song back” an “song advance”.
]I have the MIDI Input of my Pigtronics Infinity Looper connected to BeatBuddy’s MIDI output.
[]When I change from “Blues / Blues 2” (which is in 4/4) to “Blues / Blues 8- 12/8” using the foot switch, the looper isn’t in sync - meaning the looper plays 3 bars when Beatbuddy plays 2 bars.
]When I change between the same songs using the Buttons on the BeatBuddy, everything is fine.
[]The same behavior when changing from “Blues 8” to “Blues 2” - not in sync when using the foot switch (BeatBuddy plays 3 bars, looper only 2 bars), in sync when using the buttons.
]The same behaviour appears when changing between some other songs - mostly when changing between 4/4 and 8/12 - but it’s not a general error - it only appears with some specific songs. And I tested it with the original songs on SD Card as well as with some songs modified by me.
[]Besides that problem the foot switch works fine.
]I use the latest Firmware: BeatBudd 1.4.1, Infinity Looper 2.02. And of course I tried several different MIDI parameter settings on BeatBuddy and the Infinity Looper - same behaviour.
[*]Finally I tried it using another foot switch - same behaviour.
Has anybody experienced a similar problem? Any idea what to do.

There must be some “magic” added to the firmware that I am not aware of in order for the BeatBuddy to support Infinity better. Sounds like this “magic” doesn’t work properly when a footswitch is used.

I’d contact support at contact@mybeatbuddy.com describing your issue.

P.s.: High five for the easy reproduction steps!

I just purchased the JamSync from a reference on this site. I am using the JamMan XT looper with the Beatbuddy midi into the JamSync.
It seems to sync the 2 pedals pretty well. The thing I like the most is when the beat buddy stop song switch is activate, both units stop in sync.
The change of songs issue with this arrangement is doing the same as your unit. After changing a song i the beat buddy, I have to unplug the power and reconnect the power on the Jamsync for the JamSync to pick up the beat buddy signal. Maybe you could try that with your unit.
I am talking to and electrical engineer on what I need to to fix it.

Best of playing music…

I have this same issue with the JamSync. I have emailed Benoît at Custom Live Electronics recently but have not heard back from him yet.

Because the behavior happens whether a song is changed by foot pedal or by button, I am thinking it is an issue with the JamSync.

However, I did just discover a bug with the BeatBuddy when I had it connected to another MIDI device: a MIDIgal from Midisizer running MIDIpal firmware. In this case the BB kept resetting itself and power-cycling when receiving a MIDI start command from the MIDIgal. I need to hook it up again to see exactly what was happening, but I’m pretty sure this was only happening when the BB MIDI In port was connected.

Hi toki

how do you scroll up and down through folders to arrive at a song you want?
I have
cc 0
PC 0
I’m pretty clueless at this!

Hey there, I don’t believe you are on the right thread!

You are using the MIDI song select commands which are only useful for selecting a specific song out of many. If you already have the songs in order and in one folder, it makes more sense to go through them one by one.

You can use the MIDI commands CC119 values 0 and 1

CC:119 values 0 and 1
0 scrolls down song/folder list, 1 scrolls up

You can find a full list of all our commands online here.

You can also get this behavior by using an external footswitch and setting the BeatBuddy to scroll through songs when stopped and footswitch is pressed. The right external footswitch scrolls to the next song in the list while the BeatBuddy is paused by default.

MIDI song select is more complex and is best explained by out manual on pg 40 of the BeatBuddy manual.

Please feel free to write to support@singularsound.com for more help or PM me, support may be best at getting back quicker however!

Thanks for the question!