Midi Sync with Infinity Looper

Please excuse me if this question is answered somewhere. I can find a lot of discussion but not a real answer. My Inifinity Looper syncs with BB with short loops but a long loop loses sync after a few cycles. I have tried everything I know to do, searched the threads, read the manual over and over. Any help is appreciated.

Tell us how you have everything hooked up and the steps you take to duplicate the problem.

Do you have the most recent firmware on both, the BeatBuddy and the Infinity? I would make sure of this.

Also, are you MIDI syncing it (with the MIDI cable) or are you just recording loops according to your drums?

Thank you for the replies.
I have updated the firmware on both units. Yes I am using the MIDI cable and the IL picks up the clock. The light blinks in time, it starts and stops at the right place on cue from the BB. If I create a loop of 8 bars or so it keeps up just fine. I will create a rhythm guitar track going into one stereo input and then immediatley overdub a bass line using the POG octave pedal into the other stereo input. If I create a long loop that contains the verse and chorus of a song it does ok for two or three cycles and then on each reset it is more and more out of sync. I have tried many combinations of MIDI settings using the IL software and successfully sent them to the pedal, including the important “Turn off MIDI notes” setting. I am using Series mode, creating a short loop on Loop 1 for intro and the long loop on Loop 2. But I recreated the problem just using Loop 1. Sometimes it is worse than others. If I power down and reset everything that seems to help for a time.

I got a response back from Pigtronix. They are aware of the issue and will have a fix in a couple of weeks. At least I’m not crazy!

I Just read the thread…
I have the same problem and was about to sell the Infinity because of this…
You saved it :slight_smile:

I was thinking of selling it. So I tried out a Ditto X4. The Ditto doesn’t take MIDI start and stop commands so you have to try to start it in sync and of course that doesn’t work well. This pretty much disqualifies the Ditto for the way I would use it. And you are locked into either Rec-Ovverdub-Play or Rec-Overdub-Overdub – the Infinity allows you this choice on the fly with the accessory pedal. So I’ll concentrate on the short loops for now and hold out for the fix. Hopefully it will actually come.

I have the same issue with the infinity looper. Do you know if they have done anything about it yet?

Oh Thank you man,

Same problem for me.

Good to know about the Infinity Looper. I was planning to buy one very soon and think I’ll wait for a bit or look at another brand. Any recommendations on a robust looper that’s loves to work with a BB?

The major players are the Infinity and the Boomerang. There are other loopers that folks here on the forum are using. I don’t think that any looper checks all of the boxes, however, they get pretty close. Just depends on what you need. Let us know what you end up with and how you like it.

Thanks, much appreciated.

I sent an email to Pigtronix yesterday and received this reply today: “The only issue with the Infinity looper and the Beat Buddy is when you are using series loops, the MIDI can get out of sync. This should be fixed with a final firmware update within two weeks.”

Great news!!!

Thank you for information Great news!! Just wait now!
I supose to take a look too the Pigtronix Infinty Blog? http://www.pigtronix.com/blogs/infinity/

I have the Ditto X4 and Beat Buddy and I did some test.
I am happy with it. It do not take at the moment the midi start / stop but
the start of the recording is quantized so it will be in perfect time also if you stop the loops or stop and start the beat buddy
allo starts are engaged and then starts at the beat
I did some video test here:



Thanks Ale … will check it out further.

You can check the Infinity blog but it’s not the most reliable source. The Infinity blog lists firmware build 202 however, the Infinity firmware is up to v 203 and the date of that build is July 2015. Unless Pigtronix posts the build number on their blog, you would have to either check the date or download it to find out :mad:

Hopefully if anyone gets the latest build, they will post here and let us know.o_O

Just spoke with Infinity Pigtronix…1-2 weeks. :slight_smile:

And the Infinity Firmware update (210) has been released (26 April).

Anyone tried this out yet? I haven’t had time to mess with it.