Midi Sync with Line6 M5?

Hi all,

I’m relatively new to the world of MIDI…so I’m not sure if my desired setup is possible…but I thought I’d at least ask! : )

I’m attempting to use my BeatBuddy in conjunction with my Line 6 M5 guitar pedal, so that no matter what “Tempo” I select with the BeatBuddy…my Line 6 Delay/Echo effects will be updated in “Time”. Does that make sense?

I’m using the BeatBuddy as the master MIDI timecode device. I’ve connected the Line 6 M5 pedal to the BeatBuddy, via the BeatBuddy MIDI breakout cable. The MIDI is coming “Out” of the BeatBuddy and “IN” to the M5 pedal. However, when I adjust the tempo on the BeatBuddy, the desired effect (delay/echo) on the M5 doesn’t change?

Is this possible or am I just doing something wrong? My BeatBuddy is brand new, out of the box…and my M5 is still on factory default settings.

Thanks for the help…!! On another note, I absolutely love the BeatBuddy…practice/rehearsals have never been so much fun. : )

It is probably your Line 6 settings, consult your manual. On the BB,just press and hold Drum and Tempo and down arrow to Main Pedal on the settings press Tempo, then arrow down to Midi Messages hit tempo, arrow to BeatBuddy press Tempo and make sure Midi -Out is selected.

Yes I have a M9 and I have been doing for a long time. So nice to not have to set delays by hand or to even tap tempo. However, you can tap tempo into MBB and it works to set tempo on Line 6 M9 also. You need to set the time setting in the global tempo setting area for omni I think. It has been a long time since I synch’d it. If you get stuck let me know and i can look at my settings area

Thanks for the info, all…I’ll give these suggestions a try and will report back…!

Thanks for all of the help ScottyMac and emacnevin…I got it working!

Awesome can you remind me what you did since I have forgotten. : )

Sure…I did two things. First, I followed ScottyMac’s post and made sure that the BeatBuddy was transmitting MIDI messages as “MIDI Out”. He has that procedure outlined very well at the top of this post.

Next, I went to my Line 6 M5 and entered the “Settings” panel. In the settings, I made sure that the MIDI send/receive was set to “Omni”. Finally, and this was not apparent to me…but in hindsight, is very obvious, I made sure that the Line 6 pedal was in “Tap Tempo” mode. If you turn the knobs relating to milliseconds for some of your delay/reverb/mod effects all the way to the right (or all the way to the left, for some mod effects, I think) you enter Tap Tempo mode. The millisecond value is replaced by a note image (quarter note, half note, whole, etc) so the pedal “knows” what note value to sync to.

When the Line 6 pedal is in Tap Tempo mode, it automatically syncs to the MIDI clock/signal that is being received. When you turn the Tempo knob on the BeatBuddy, you can actually see the red flashing “Tap” light on the Line 6 speed up/slow down depending on the BeatBuddy Tempo value.

Hope that makes sense and helps!


Thanks for this - now it is inked in case I ever lose my settings or get a new M9. : )

My M9 looper seems to sync(tempo light flashes in LPR OFF to BB tempo, but I am unable to get it to start and stop (rec/odub or play/stop) I saw a post where a guy did it with another brand looper. One post says that the BB does not send Start & Stop commands. Well how did the guy do it on the video ?? how can you make a decent loop if you can’t start and stop? Am I missing something here??

I only briefly experimented with the line 6 looper and on the line 6 board I think I read the looper cannot be synched with an external source. The Line 6 loopers are not ideal. I use a boomerang 3 with success but the board is full of successes with VL3, pigtronix, and diito x4 to name a few.