Midi synchronize

where can i find a step for step munual for synchronizing devices with BB.
Which parameters have to be sent when BB is in slave mode?


BeatBuddy only supports a very limited set of commands: MIDI quarter notes along with MIDI Start and MIDI Stop.

There will definitely be a manual the day BeatBuddy covers more of the MIDI functionality.

im working with Setlistmaker that can send midi beat clock messages from his metronome. I need the codes to synchronize BB. BB can receive midi beat clock and i want to know what to do because i made Setlistmaker tomsend the midi beat clock already büut nothing happens.
Is the midi code to send for a special channel or not etc… Im beginner in midi thats because my beginner questions.


when I apply MIDI beat clock to my BB it responds correctly and smoothly.

I got the MIDI adaptor cable offered in the online store. I’m driving into the MIDI connector labeled IN.

I’m sending the MIDI beat clock code hex F8 repeatedly, at 24 times faster than desired BPM.

When the BB sees the incoming MIDI beat clock, it adds a little left/right arrow to the display, just left of the BPM. So while playing a song, I can vary the speed of the MIDI beat clock, and the BB tracks it very smoothly and nicely. Really handy, the BB’s BPM display tracks accurately. So you can see and hear that varying the MIDI beat clock does indeed speed up and slow down the BB.

More details: when I stop sending the MIDI beat clock, the BB reverts to its internal clock, but maintains the Tempo from just before the MIDI beat clock stopped. And in that case, the phrase restarts at the #1 downbeat.

I’m not doing anything with the MIDI Start and Stop commands. Don’t need them.

I’ll soon post a blog with details on my recently completed project, an expression pedal to control BB tempo. So I can sweep the BB tempo by foot, like a wah pedal, and it’s WAY better than bending down to fiddle with the Tempo knob. I’ve used it few times and made some refinements, and ready blog it with build pictures, schematic and Arduino source code.

Note, all my projects are 100% open source, free for all to use with no restrictions, or liabilities!

Hi MikeTranch,
thank you for your fast reply. I did the wireing wrong because i uses the midi out jack to work BB in Slave mode, that was wrong!
Now it works and BB takes the tempo of my setlist maker. After a while testing i found out that the tempo varies a little to my Setlistmaker.

For example, if Setlistmaker sents a beat of 85 then I see on the BB 85, 85 , 84, 85 , 85, 84 etc., is that normal?
Another problem for me is that BB starts the beat right away after receiving the signal. I wish that i can start the BB from my own and Setlistmaker only have the job to synchronize. Can i make BB work as i wish?

You posted “im sending the MIDI beat clock code hex F8 repeatedly, at 24 times faster than desired BPM.”
Why do you do this and how did you do it?


24 x BPM is the MIDI standard. So Setlistmaker is doing the same thing.
I created a custom electronics project to adjust BB tempo using a volume pedal (wired as an expression pedal). Last night I blogged on my other project (replacing the CLUNKY footswitches in BB footswitch) and tonight I’ll blog on the BPM Pedal project.
I have BPM readout on my project and it agrees with the BB BPM display. Well sometimes the BB BPM is one less than my display, but I attribute that to rounding error. I think in your case, Setlistmaker software may be varying a little bit, maybe too many other software programs are running on your PC and slowing it down?

Why I did it: per the MIDI standard, the Beat Clock is sent repeatedly, at 24 times the desired BPM.

How I did it: http://www.mikesmicromania.com/2015/01/beatbuddy-tempo-pedal-midi-beat-clock.html

Hey mike you think you can a screenshot of the midi beat data SLM is sending. I want to see just how it look s on your screen and compare it to my SLM