Midi tempo command

Is there a function or a midi command on the Maestro to transmit a specific tempo to the Beatbuddy… or increase or decrease it by a chosen value.

CC-80 [1-127] Tempo Increment (NewTmpo = Tempo + value)

Example if my order is
CC-80 [35] Tempo Increment (NewTmpo = Tempo + value) the tempo will increase by 35 BPM?


I have the Midi Maestro and i can have a switch that will do one beat per press, up and another switch will do down. So if I am at beat 150 I can press the switch let’s say five times and it goes to 155. Not sure if that helps but that is what have i programmed.

Hello Larry_DirtBag,

What I would like is when I press the switch once, the tempo goes from 150 to 185…

I found the answer to my question in the BB manual

Tempo (CC:80, CC:81, value 1-127) - When enabled, you can control the
BeatBuddy’s tempo using CC:80 to increase the tempo and CC:81 to
decrease the tempo. Example: When the BeatBuddy receives CC:80, Value
10 it changes the tempo to current tempo + 10 BPM. CC:81 decreases the
tempo by the Value amount.