MIDI tempo drift

I’ve got my Loop Studio set up as a midi transmitter. I have a drum machine receiving midi tempo/start/stop. (DrumBrute Impact, if that matters)

I like to keep the same loop playing for extended times and keep it going by muting, overdubbing, and replacing tracks. I’ve found that the Aeros tempo seems to drift over time. Eventually it adds up enough to be noticeable.

I took a recording of the mix to ensure I’m not crazy. I muted everything but the kick and the bass. I started the recording after the loop had been playing for maybe an hour. Then I stopped it and restarted it. The bass was about 59ms late before restarting, which is noticeable to my ear. After restarting, it was about 12ms early, which sounds right on to me.

Has anyone else encountered this? Is it a bug? Maybe I have some settings wrong?

I did another test today. I setup a very simple loop with a very simple pattern on the drum machine. I let it play for several hours. After that time, it had drifted even farther. I didn’t measure it, but seemed to be at least half a beat off.

Maybe I’ll try receiver mode next. I’m not sure if that’s applicable as I haven’t used it yet.

Hi there, please send a report of what you are experiencing to support@singularsound.com including any videos and or audio of what you experience.

But you may find that this is a problem inherent in many drum machines, they naturally drift over time and one cannot help it, it is a flaw that we fix on the Aeros when it is Receiver only by resyncing to the beat at every measure. It is an unavoidable issue when using two MIDI synchronized playback devices

We do not have any current reports of this happening when the BeatBuddy is the receiver

Thanks for reporting

Thanks. I’ll get an edited video together showing the effect.

I’m sure it’s possible to fix somehow as I have a Boss looper (RC-202) that stays perfectly aligned, even when I leave it playing overnight. That’s on the same drum machine. And it stays locked even when I change tempo from the Boss. Those tempo changes aren’t necessarily on measure boundaries.

I don’t particularly care about live tempo changes, but the behavior suggests that there’s some kind of active correction going on, rather than just “dead reckoning”.

Anyway, if it’s helpful, I might be able to record the MIDI messages “on the wire”. This might be useful to isolate the precise difference between the two loopers.

Edit: I actually have a BB Mini also. I haven’t tried it with that, but if I don’t otherwise make progress on this, I’ll try that as well. I’m pretty motivated to get to the bottom of this.

Edit2: Forgot the BB Mini doesn’t do MIDI sync. I guess I won’t be testing that.