Midi to control BB

Hi guys, I read a few threads in this area about controlling BB using midi from Onsong? Is this now possible? Can anyone explain how this is done? Thanks very much.

I also want to use onsong with puc+, but i´ve tried now 5 hours, i can´t do it !!! i need help, too, i know there is more written, but i´ve made something wrong

Yes, you can control BeatBuddy with on song and puc+.
You can even add a looper or other MIDI devises at the same time and control it with OnSong.

controlling BB with onsong works, but only 50 %. i mean if you have a song made with song editor you can tap on the hook line and than you can program midi with msb and lsb. but if you have a pdf and you go to the midi editor, you can change and make a test- it works, but if you change a song and go back- it´s lost, i mean it´s not stored. i wrote to onsong , no answer til yet.

and onsong is very slow if you have more than 1000 docs. with unrealbook you have a hexadecimal system,
the code for the midi setting, for example first folder, first song is
BB 00 00
B0 20 00
C0 00,
the second song in this folder C0 01, and so on
the second folder B0 20 01, and son on
and if you come to the 10th folder its B0 20 A, and its faster with loading the songs !!

I have OnSong running my BB and my 45000 looper. I have had no issues at all. It is fast and works as it should.
I have several hundred songs loaded and it is so nice to just go to the song and the BB and the Looper go where they have been programed. What a neat tool. I have not used it out live yet, but all my testing at home, shows it works. In fact this is a game changer when we go back and play out again.

it would be great if you could make me screenshots how you do this, this would be wonderful. it doesnt work if i make the presets in the midi editor, when i go to midi utilities

ferdl, I would be more then happy to give a break down on how I set mine. Up.
I will have it up soon, and will try to make it a simple process so, the other members can use the software if they want to control their BB with OnSong.

Steps on setting up Onsong with BeatBuddy.

First of all make sure you have the BeatBuddy, OnSong and a Midi connection to the BeatBuddy with your Ipad. I am using puc+

Turn on puc+ and you make sure your puc+ software connects to the puc+ devise.

Make sure the Puc+ is hook up to the BeatBuddy’s (MIDI IN) cable AND the Puc+ has the software where the cable showing it going OUT.

Start up OnSong and load a song you have already put into your OnSong software.

Now hold your finger on the SONG TITLE and the MIDI events will pop up.
For example if the song title is Brown Eyed Girl, hold your finger right on the Brown Eyed Girl.

When the Midi Events pops up
Go down to where the + sign is and tap on it.

Scroll down you will see All Channels, it is set to all channels, if you are running several devises you will have to pick a channel, just hit the plus sign and pick a channel. Make sure your devise is set to the same channel. If you pick channel ( 4) set your BeatBuddy to channel (4), on the OnSong will have to be set to be channel 4. do that right there.

Now you will see the control. Press where it says (none)

This is the MIDI command , for example number (32) does song changes. Look up the midi command table if you want something different, and just press that number on whatever you want the MIDI command to do. PRESS DONE.

Now we need to set the program.

Press the + sign again. Look for Program and Press it.

this MUST be on the same channel as you set in the CONTROL. For example above we used channel (4) so set it to channel ( 4)

Next we need to set Program. This would be the song in the folder of your BeatBuddy. For example in the first folder in your BeatBuddy you have the song (Brown Eyed Girl) as the 7th song, because the first song in the folder is always ZERO. Brown Eyed Girl will be song (6) to be placed in OnSong

So in the EXAMPLE ABOVE The PROGRAM Number you will select would be (6).

Next we have to set the Bank
Bank MSB and Bank LSB

Bank MSB press the screen on MSB and place a ZERO in there. IT IS ALWAYS ZERO. NO MATTER WHAT. ON EVERY SONG YOU DO. I believe that it stands for the BeatBuddy itself.

Next we need to set the BANK LSB. press on it. It is the FOLDER on the BeatBuddy WHERE THE SONG IS LOCATED ON THE BEATBUDDY.
If your song is in the first folder, this will be a ZERO. If it is your second folder this will be a ONE, ETC. For example if Brown Eyed Girl is in your Second Folder then you would place a 1 there.


Test it.
Hope this helps out how to run your BEATBUDDY with OnSong