Midi track volume control

I posted in response to a question about midi volume in the announcements category, so I hope I’m not out of order in posting here as well.

I would like use it to control track output volume on the fly, just as the volume wheel on the Aeros does, but with 6 CCs reserved for this, one for each Aeros track.

I would simply increment or decrement the values being sent for each track fader to raise and lower the volume.

I use a Keith McMillen SoftStep 2, on which each of its 10 sensors can act to send continuously incrementing or decrementing values.


I was just about to post the Same. As I understand it, volume can be saved with a recorded song, but when Aeros is used as a “Loop” Studio" there is nothing saved. I would like to click one midi footswitch to open a (or start a new) song as well as set volume for parts or main (I think it would be more difficult to implement per track volume prior to recording anything).

For example: Playing through a song and record a track to loop (e.g., verse) to be soloed over later. I would want to drop the volume 3-5db to push it back a bit when soloing without having to roll my foot indiscriminately and I hopefully hit the right volume while trying to play and sing.

@BrennanSingularSound Hey, just wanted to know if midi control of volume is in the works. Had to chuckle when I was looking at the manual earlier today, noticing 2 and 2/3 pages dedicated to muting with midi and while no volume control. The BB has midi control of both the main and headphone volume.

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I would like to add my voice for this feature. I’m sitting here with my modular synthesizer and can send MIDI from my Eurorack sequencer (NERDSEQ) to various other pedals, to do all sorts of things. What I want to be able to do, with the Aeros, is to remotely weave layers (I.e. tracks) in and out (by controlling their volume via cc), to create a more complex piece. I can do this manually with the mixer, which is fun and expressive, but I want to be able to automate some of this, so I can attend to other aspects of my system when tweaking live…. Seems like a basic functionality to have?


Hello, no this is not currently available but we do plan on getting to more MIDI control in the near future, likely after we finish up Backing tracks which should be 3-4 releases away.

For this reason I will tag #med-long-term

Thanks for your feedback