Midi Transition CCs

Hi Friends!
Just getting into controlling my BB with my PodHD500X. Im just hoping someone might be able to clear up something before I have to test it out…
Are the Midi CC messages for Transitions limited to Parts 1,2 and 3? or can I keep going up? as I want to get a little more creative with complicated song structures and have enough spare switches. If so, this would mean I don’t have to remember exactly the order of how I programmed each part and I can have a dedicated switch for V1, Ch1, V2, Br etc.

…If not i will have to stick to simpler structures with limited parts and my grand vision gets a little smaller…:frowning:

Hey Guys,

Sorry NVM Just found out I can! I jumped the gun on the post, just had to read the latest firmware info.

Happy BBing!