Midi trigger hit accent play twice

Hi there

I’m trying to trigger my new beatbuddy accent hit from my Maestro in custom mode.

I have 3 songs in a specific “samples” folder. Each song have different hit accent wave. File size is around 400Kb. The main loop is loaded with a blank midi file.

In MM side, 3 buttons : Each send 4 midi commands : CC MSB, CC LSB, PC corresponding to the song number and finally a CC 110 to trigger accent hit

When pushing each button, the display on BB is always working fine BUT each time I push the next assigned button on MM, the previous wave file is playing one time then it plays the good wave file.

This drives me nut !

I swap the SDcard for a speeder one. No way. I use MidiOX to log midi message as you can see in the attached files. Commands are ok on both side. (Commands in red are corresponding to the first push. the 4 next commands are corrspondig to the second push wish is playing the good wavefile : They are indenticals)

Both my MM and Beatbuddy are on the last firmware ( BB is 4.1.6)

Any ideas to solve it because it is really frustrating
Thanks so much guys