MIDI Type 1 to Type 0

I have only had my BB for just over a week. I found out early on that BeatBuddy only reads MIDI Type 0.

The difference being simply…
Type 0 - All tracks combined into one track
Type 1 - Individual tracks for each instrument

My DAW programme ( Mixcraft 5 or Mixcraft 7 ) only saves MIDI files as Type 1, so I had to look for a small programme to convert 1 to 0 which works on Windows.

I have attached a programme called GN1:0 which is freeware. It works very well.
I hope you will find this of use

gn1to0.zip (614.3 KB)

I don’t use Mixcraft however, it seems strange that a DAW can’t accomplish what you need it to do. I think your DAW is able to join or combine MIDI regions or tracks. The process could also be named “merge.” The process involves selecting the drums and bass regions and then applying whatever the correct command might be. Once the two regions are joined, you should be able to export the MIDI file.

I’ll try that and let you know…

Okay - I merged the bass and drum track, the DAW would still only save the one track as Type 1.
On playback , only the drums played - no bass.

I browsed the user manual and there doesn’t seem to be a workaround other than what you’re doing already.

That’s odd for a DAW, though. If you’ve invested a lot of time and $ in Mixcraft, I guess “'ya gotta dance with whom you brung to the dance” however, if you’re not that vested in Mixcraft, it might be time to try Reaper or Studio One (Presonus). Of the 2, I’d recommend Reaper as it’s trial ware, reasonably priced and exports to either type MIDI format. I tried Studio One and although it’s free, I just didn’t find it intuitive enough to use. Reaper on the other hand, was.

I have used Mixcraft for some years, I started with Mixcraft 5 then Mixcraft 7 - the latest is version 9

It’s not expensive and come with a load of handy loops. Changing from 1 to 0 is easy with the above mentioned little programme, so I’ll stick with what I’m used too. ( Tight budget… )

Thanks again for your helpful comments, always a pleasure


Mixcraft 9