MIDI Velocity

I got my BB today and played around with it for a bit.
For acoustic ballads, the brushes section seems fine, but I sometimes have the feeling, that the drums were hit too hard.
It would be fine for a faster song.
On certain samplers / drum machines, there’s a velocity parameter that defines how hard a key (or snare) is hit.
Is there such a thing on the BB or do I have to mess around with the samples once the editor is available?

As far as I know, there is no such parameter exposed in BeatBuddy settings.

BeatBuddy Manager software, on the other hand, allows you to control the volume of individual keys on a per-drumset basis.

Velocity is not the same as volume.
It’s the intensity, how hard the MIDI instrument is hit, whereas the volume information just sets how loud the sound is being played back.

I don’t necessarily want to modify the volume per patch - I just want my digital drummer to be a little more sensitive - it’s kinda like the problem I have with real drummers :wink:

You will need to edit MIDI tabs to edit volume of specific notes.

I can tell you tend to use the term velocity to describe a different, more softer .WAV pattern for a specific MIDI note. This is achieved through a volume of a specific note.

[Edit] Seems like I grasped your idea, and I personally liked it very much, actually!

You want a way to dynamically (while a song is playing) control how hard the beats are played (velocity how you call it). I think this could be implemented rather easily by adjusting the volume of individual notes in a MIDI sequence. I think David will definitely look into this!

[Edit2] Moved to Feature Requests.

Naturally, this only works when the drum hits are multi-sampled - different wave samples for different intensities / velocities.
Otherwise I think this would just be solvable by using different drum kits (say f.e. “brushes” vs. “soft brushes” vs. “super soft brushes” :lol: to get the intensity you’re looking for matching the song.

Playing around with the BB editor showed that the drums consist of multiple WAVs for each part of the drum kit, triggered depending on the velocity value. It would be cool to have this user assignable via the BB interface.

If you make the rotary knobs user assignable, that would be cool. I usually don’t need to go from brushes to heavy metal with the same rhythm, but I’d surely like to tweak the velocity while staying on the same kit.

Addictive Drums have this GREAT feature and it’s really making grooves feel more human when you can dial in the right velocity.

I feel that many of BB’s grooves have way too high velocity settings.

Velocity adjustment should definitely be implemented in the BB Manager.

I already wrote this concept in some posts here in the forum and I completely agree.

I started to heavily lower velocity in all midi files which I want to use in ballads or soft songs.

Velocity adjustment could be a VERY interesting option.

About brushes, I think “Brushes” drumset is not right for soft songs even with reduced velocity.
Thinking about to build my own, unless SS would provide one… :slight_smile:

Yes -That is what I am doing also atm, I am building a couple of Addictive Drums sets (Basic and Percussion) with AD mapping so I could make grooves in Cubase with AD and just transferring them directly to BB without having to to convert them to BB first. That way they would sound exactly the way I want them with BB :D.

Would be totally awesome if SS released signature drumsets/grooves by top drummers like Simon Phillips, Gary Husband, Chad Wackerman etc etc.