MIDI via USB (Aeros & BeatBuddy)

tl;dr: Will MIDI over USB be implemented in future firmware upgrades ? Or should I keep my trusty MIDI-USB dongle box/cemetery handy on a shelf for future part replacement ?

I do keep MIDI-DIN5 to USB interfaces in my tool box so that I can automate and control older devices that have not moved to or implemented MIDI over USB. Why aren’t the Aeros and the BeatBuddy, which are rather MIDI extensive devices, that are relatively modern and well built, not have MIDI over USB ? The real estate on my pedal board is expensive and MIDI-USB dongles are just another tool that could fail in the chain.

  • Why can’t the BeatBuddy default his USB port usage to MIDI and only be a mass storage device when explicitly asked for in the BB menu itself ? Correct me if I’m wrong but the only current use for the USB port on the BB is to actually lobotomize the BB while it’s being used as a fancy SD card reader.
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The BeatBuddy I would not say this is likely no, but the Aeros possibly! We are considering this.

Because you posted in BB category I will be tagging as #considered, since we will not be doing this

I will say the MIDI Maestro can act like a BLE dongle in that you can pair a device to it and convert BLE MIDI to normal MIDI.

The USB port was not connected in a way that we can easily do this

Thanks for the request and questions