Midi Volume Levels for Kit Pieces

Hard-Coding volumes in a mix either via level for kit instrument or via tweaking velocities in midi makes it impossible for live tweaking. Workarounds include cloning kits and having different levels set or cloning songs and having different volume loops. All rooms are different, sometimes cymbols need to be toned down or raised depending on the environment. Since this is a gigging use box it needs to be more like a VDrum module where instruments can be adjusted on a console height mixer live. As midi is added, please consider exposing input control of all kit pieces so that midi mixers for BB can be developed or external midi keyboards can be mapped to it, ones that also could set tempo, program change etc. hint. Adding kit sound volumes to BB sub menus would also be good for a non-midi add. If there would be a setting next to each kit piece like choke group in BBM to map the controls to the parts needed for example; Volume Group 1 = floor toms1+2, 2 = rack toms1+2, 3 = snare, 4 = (HHOpen,HHClose,HHFoot), 5 = (ride+and ride bell), 6 = crash, 7 = cowbell, 8 = splash. All would follow overall kick volume to set via both a volume menu option and via midi in.