Midi vs BB

Hi all
When I want to create a new BB file for songs not available here, I usually edit an existing midi file.
I am using Aria Maestosa to remove anything that is not drums.
Then I import into the BB manager.
In most of the case the sound is different and I have to manually adjust a graet part of the instruments wrongly mapped.
How should I proceed to avoid double work?

Your issue is probably based on the MIDI drum notes from your source file not being mapped for the BeatBuddy Manager.

You can browse through the search results from this link for the tutorials: http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?search/13001336/&q=tutorials&o=date&c[user][0]=2902&c[user][1]=500&c[user][2]=6180

The ones posted by Guitar Stu and many others should help to get you started. If you decide that Aria Maestosa is not for you, you can try Beat Builder, which is free and available here on the forum. If you don’t have Java installed on your computer, you’ll have to download and install.

After almost one year, haven’t found a solution on how to map properly midi files corrected in Aria Maestosa so they can be imported correctly in the BB Manager. I am using midi song files I find on the web, that I split to create loops, fills and trans.

Browsing the forum it seems I’m not the only one and all the tutorials I could find do not give a proper indication on how to proceed.

Beat builder does not work for most of the midi files I can find. The sound bank in incomplete

Thanks for your help


There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground for a cheap and intuitive digital audio workstation (DAW) to do simple transcriptions for beats and songs—it’s either feast or famine. One of the biggest hurdles for me was to find a DAW with a Mac-like interface. Even though there were forum users using Aria Maestosa, I found myself struggling and I gave up on it. It was something with the user experience andinterface that made the process too ackward and there were no tutorials. There were some maps users shared which made it a little easier but it wasn’t enough. I tried Reaper and although it was much better, it’s PC ancestry was obvious (user experience). GarageBand would have been ideal but it did not export MIDI without the use of another program and workaround. It’s interface was ideal and easy to understand and work with. Based largely on this experience with GB, I ended up getting and using Logic Pro X.

This is my opinion on the state of tools available for use with the BeatBuddy:
Lightweight use: BBM MIDI Editor, BeatBuilder, Aria Maestosa
Middleweight use: none
Heavyweight use: Reaper, Logic Pro X

Reaper is trialware and Logic Pro X is pretty expensive. They both seem to be widely used on the forum and there were tutorials and lots of help available. If you spend a lot of time transcribing beats from MIDI sources, it might be worth your time to look more closely at GB and perhaps Reaper or LPX. If you like GB, then LPX might be the next step. There are other DAWs available as well.

I posted a compilation of maps to Resources that might make your transcription process easier: http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?resources/categories/images.3/