Midi/Wav Files

Hey guys where do I find midi/wav files? I am trying to add a shaker to the brushes kit, not really sure how to do that.

If there isn’t a sample in the samples area…then Google is your friend. My drum editor tutorial will show you how to add a new instrument/sample to a drum kit.

Thanks Jonothan I have found some edited the drum kit like in your videos but I am still not hearing the shaker. I can’t seem to find out what midi number a shaker is.

Edit: Never mind I found it 82. I made a copy of the brushes kit, edited it to include shaker but still not hearing it, time to give up I guess.

@Psalm40 Where is the “samples area” you’re referring to? Is there (or could there be) a place in Resources for the actual WAV samples to be posted by BB or those that have them? I think it would streamline things for people without the time to do a lot of searching.

This was set up before the resources area.