Mididesigner layout + tempo setting via MIDI?

TLDR version:
Is there no other way than CC106+CC107 of setting the tempo, e.g. an NRPN message?

Longer version:
I see tempo has been discussed in several threads but I can’t find a solution to my problem … I’m trying to implement a tempo dial in Mididesigner on iPad, and I see no way of mapping a 40-300 dial to the CC106+CC107 values. Using two dials works, but is not too cool looking or practical. :slight_smile:

Mididesigner layout:
In case someone is interested; my MD layout is mainly for exploring the factory sounds and using the BB at home, it’s more convenient than bending down and changing settings on the pedal. Maybe it could be useful live too. This is the current state where everything except the tempo dial works:


Not knowing MD at all, I am just wondering, could you map this with a button, plus a dial? That and I also don’t know exactly offhand how the cc106 and 107 values are set up, but you you have button for MSB that just cycles between 0,1, & 2, and then have the dial for the LSB from 0-127? That, is, with the button on 0, you would get 0-127, actually 40 to 127, since nothing below 40 would count. With the button on 1, it covers 128 to 255, and on 2, it get you 255 to 300.

Yes, I can do that (I have tried it and it does work), but I’d prefer a dial that shows the actual tempo rather than two controls for MSB/LSB.

How does OnSong do it? Onsong send both CC’s at the same time and updates the tempo number. I guess maybe that’s the issue. In MD the knob isn’t sending both CC’s. So, what about setting up a supercontrol that controls 2 hidden dials, one which does the 0,1,2 MSB and one that does the LSB? That would scroll through the whole range, and you’d only have 1 control visible, but could it be mapped to display just 40 through 300, as it goes through the control? (I just watched the MD video :)) IDK, but it seems like you could get there.

From what I’ve guessed OnSong can send the two CCs when you select a song, and there’s no problem sending a specific tempo value in MD either by using a super/subcontrol like you suggest. The problem with 40-300 is twofold; to set up a super control with two CC subcontrols the super must also be a CC control which limits it to 0-127. Also, there is limited mapping/scaling of values; if the 40-300 values had had an even split for the 0-2 and 0-127 for the CC-values it may be possible, but the ranges are uneven, a smaller one for MSB 0 an 2, and a bigger range for MSB 1.

I’ve put the question to the MD developer, maybe I’ve missed some solution, but otherwise the solution would be something like an NRPN message for BeatBuddy.

Well, fooey. It just always bugs me, when I can visualize a perfectly good way of writing a series of nested If, then, else commands that would get the job done, but the otherwise very good, high falootin’ software can’t handle that kind of logic.

True that … I am an IT consultant/programmer myself. :slight_smile:

And, the solution is … IF THEN. :slight_smile:

A bit overkill, and an extra background process, but I ended up using the MidiFire app that can listen to the MIDI stream and operate on the messages in various ways. I used pitch shift messages for a dial in MidiDesigner and had MidiFire translate to the CC messages BeatBuddy wants.


That is beyond the grasp of most mortal humans, though. But it does look like Midi Designer could be used to fully control BB via a midi pedal controller, i.e., the Behringer FCB 1010?, allowing for selection of non-consecutive main loops, which has been a desire expressed by several members.

Yes indeed. I have a crazy MIDI setup for making noise, and sometimes something that vaguely resembles music :slight_smile: at home, and everything that can be controlled with MIDI has a MidiDesigner layout. They can in turn be controlled by expression pedals and foot controllers like the FCB 1010, or in my case a Boss ES-8 and a KMI SoftStep. Too much fun. :slight_smile: