Midiflow setup for irig Blueboard sync to BB???

hey guys seem to have hit a wall with this, can anyone walk me through it. My PUC+ seems to show that it’s receiving a signal from my blueboard but nothing happens with the BB?!? I have my PUC+ going into MIDI IN via the BB MIDI cable which is linked to midiflow. I think the problem is in the midiflow app… I’m missing something there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just do a search on the forum, that is where this was.

Hey guy, thanks for the video it helped a lot. But I am not getting any feedback on the communication from the blueboard to the put. it works, but I don’t see the communication on the ipad in midiflow…any ideas what I’ve done.

Do you have the blueboard app installed and active?

Is the blueboard updated to the most recent firmware? Note - many ship with the old firmware. The new firmware is necessary for Midi over Bluetooth.

I’ve tried everything and still no luck:( the one video on YouTube doesn’t really show the main parts like how to make midi signals work.