Midimaestro and On Song

I’m a novice so be kind :slightly_smiling_face:
I have BB and midi Maestro and have been tempted to get Onsong.
My question is, can the Maestro control OnSong/
On Song can control the BB with the bluetooth dongle, which kinda makes the MM redundant, but I was wondering if I could use the MM to control temp/song select etc in Onsong if I start using it…presumably use the Bluetooth on the MM to link with Onsong?
Sorry if it sounds vague, but like I said Im a novice and dont really know the correct terminology.
For example if I have a song on Onsong at 120bpm…can I use the MM to increase or lower the temo, add fills etc


I have Onsong and use MM to control it, however, the context I use it in is generally for covers which I have created the total backing tracks including the drums.

The Beat Buddy works best (for me anyway) as time master. I am currently using with Ableton for open ended looping etc. MM works excellent for controlling both BB and Ableton into one cohesive environment (requires a bit of set setup). I keep BB on a stand to select beats and tempo. MM can change tempo also if needed during songs. There are a lot of ways to set it up how you want.

Have had MM for about a month. It’s the best foot controller I’ve had so far except for the number of custom modes available on the unit.
Onsong asks extra for a lot of upgrades. The midi upgrade is worth it. I have used it for a long time. It’s good at organizing lyrics and sets but there is a lot I don’t like about it.

Thanks for reply…will persevere…are there any vids anywhere to show the connections?|Have searched but there seem to be vids for everything else but connection to MM>
Having trouble actually making onsong connect to MM via bluetooth. It recognises it, but doesnt connect?

You have to go to the settings menu on Onsong that’s the gear icon then tools the Bluetooth. Once your controller is recognized by the app, you can do midi learn with the pedal controller icon at the top left.

You can use MM to control tempo, and add fills, in custom mode, it will even do volume control, with a pedal or with one of the button switches, where you can do in 25 percent increments. It really is a great MIDI pedal once you get how to write the commands it will do a ton of things, and they is not all that hard either. If i get a Minute I will create a video on how to do custom mode.