Hello -
I found a potentially very helpful website called MidiRemap.com which allows you to upload a midi file downloaded from Guitar Pro (or other midi file sources), and convert the mapping to the BeatBuddy mapping.

it seems like this might potentially save a ton of time in Reaper or some other DAW moving all the notes to the corresponding correct locations (i.e. 0-31 for bass, 32-xx for drums, xx-xxx for keys, etc. depending on your selected kit.)

The site lets you upload a .json file with your midi-mapping.

Before I spend the time creating a new midi-mapping to upload for the BeatBuddy OPBK kits I use, I was wondering if anyone has already created such a mapping file for any of the BB kits? (If so, it would certainly save time. :slight_smile: )

Please let me know.

Seems interesting and good for drums to BB conversion. I can’t see how it would help with bass and keys. They could not be in their native locations to start, as this would conflict with drums. You’d have to have keys and drums already out of the way of the drum kit before you ran the conversion, if you are doing that, it’s minimal effort to move a 35 kick to 36, or to make sure that toms are moved or mapped. Ez drummer to BB, sure I’d try that. A standard midi file (multiple channels) to an OPBk? I think you’d be very disappointed.

Thanks, Phil.

That’s a good point.

In light of that, it might not save any time.

I was just looking for a way to automate the process, so I don’t have to move so much in Reaper.

It just seems like there should be a simpler batch process or something where you could set up a mapping (based on whichever kit you were planning to use), and have a program “move” or convert the lines to the correct values based on that mapping.

Seems simple, but I guess if it was someone would’ve already done it. :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for your reply!