Midnight in Mancora (slow Surf Rock instrumental)

I’m not into performing live. I bought the BeatBuddy to help with my songwriting. I’m actually using the BeatBuddy in my recordings. My process is more or less as follows:
[]Find a BeatBuddy song that suits what I’m working on.
]Jam with it awhile and figure out where I want to put fills and transitions.
[]Record the BeatBuddy while playing a rough rhythm guitar part (which is not recorded).
]Once I’m satisfied with the drum track, I record the official rhythm guitar track.
[*]Record additional tracks (bass & lead)
I’ve recorded the BeatBuddy via the 1/4" output jacks using a little TASCAM Pocketstudio recorder as well as a Behringer USB mixer. Both work equally well as long as I set the BeatBuddy’s output volume to 100% (use the mixer’s inputs to adjust volume). This ensures the best signal-to-noise ratio. If you use a low BeatBuddy output volume and higher gain on your mixer / recorder’s input, you may notice some hiss (I found out the hard way).

Nice job!

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: