Been working on this one a while because I decided to do it in Double Drop D tuning as the original. It’s a mashup of three different midis (thanks Midkar guys who helped out) to make it all work. The key to the tune is getting that double drop D. It can be done in standard tuning but it doesn’t sound quite right. Just make sure you finger the D chord correctly so you middle finger is available for hammers and pull offs. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there in the technique. There are lots of hints in the cheatsheet on how to do the chords, riff and suggestions for different forms of the same chord. It’s not hard and lots of fun to play once you get the riff mastered. By the way, when you get this, you’re 75% of the way to doing the “OHIO” riff correctly. Enjoy.
It uses any if the Big Bose kits (thanks Phil Flood).

midnight rider.zip (75.8 KB)

Thanks Phil